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Price Chopper employees have access to their accounts through an online platform. It is a large supermarket chain located in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Price-Chopper-Direct-Connect (Price Chopper Direct Connect) is the official Price Chopper employee login portal, developed by Price Chopper to manage and monitor your employees and employment-related data. Price Chopper Direct Connect is the online portal for Price Chopper Employees Login into their accounts and access their information.

Logging into the My Price Chopper Direct Connect portal allows employees to access their hours, payslips, payslips, Price Chopper benefits, bill payments, and many other features.

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Direct Connect is an online site where Price Chopper Employee Login can find all the job-related details. It also helps them to be aware of any updates presented by the human resources department. Employees working at any of Price Chopper’s branches have easy access to the Price Chopper Direct Connect login portal.

If you work at Chopper Market, you may use the Direct website to view its services and personal information. Chopper user accounts can be accessed quickly by a unique username and password. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to access the Chopper Market pricing link. You can also read the instructions on how to restore your account.

Login Process For Registered Users

Once registration is complete, you can simply log in using your unique ID and password. With a click or maybe two, you can find all the details about your work. The next steps are:

  • To log into your Price Chopper Direct Connect account, visit the Direct Connect homepage at
  • On the home page, you will see the Price Chopper Direct Connect login option at the top of the page. Click on it.
  • Pressing Login will take you to the Price Chopper Direct Connect login popup window.


  • Enter your login data in the form of a unique identifier and password.
  • Tap on the submit option and go to your Direct Connect portal.

Direct Connection Requirements:

As part of the protocol, certain information and requirements must be understood and followed, essential for logging into the Price Chopper Direct Connect Login portal. Here are the requirements that are important and mostly needed to start the process:

  • Price Chopper Direct Connect login web address
  • Price Chopper Employee Direct Registration Valid Email ID
  • Price Chopper Employee Direct Login Password
  • An electronic device (PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone)
  • Connectivity

Price Chopper Direct Connect Login Benefits

Price Chopper employees who have completed the Price Chopper Direct Connect portal registration process can enjoy many benefits. To know some of them, read below:

  • Review your work schedule.
  • Easily control your Price Chopper profile on one screen.


  • Request a break.
  • Please apply for the license and check its status.
  • View the work progress log for the current month and previous months.
  • Check the annual calendar and create your work plan accordingly.
  • Connect with other My Price Chopper teammates and chat or share project details.

What Is Price Chopper Direct Connect Registration Process?

Anyone wishing to participate in Price Chopper can be assured that they will be kept up to date with their business information through the Direct Connect website. You will need to provide certain personal information and other relevant documents at the time of consultation. When you have completed all the documents that need to be done online, you can access the Price Chopper Direct Connect web portal. This site may only be used by Price Chopper employees.

Make sure you know your unique ID and social security number as they are required to register on the Direct Connect online portal. If you are not sure of your unique ID, please contact the office for assistance. The steps to register are as follows:

  • To start registration, visit the official Direct Connect portal
  • You will see the user management option on the home page at the top of the page. Click on it.
  • The screen will display a popup window. Select Sign Up from the list.
  • Then the application form will appear on your screen.
  • Fill in the application form and click the Submit button.
  • Your registration process for Price Chopper Direct Connect was successful.

You can access Price Chopper’s direct connection portal with your unique ID and password. When you register, you’ll create that account.

How To Change Price Chopper Account Password?

When someone knows your password and verifies your personal information without notifying you. So, it would help if you changed your password by following the steps below.

  • Open your web browser and visit the Price Chopper direct login portal,
  • Tap the button that displays User Management at the far right of the site.
  • The screen will display a popup window.
  • In this popup window, you will see the option to change the password. Click on it.


  • The screen will display another popup window. During the login process, you will be asked for your unique ID, old password, and a new password, as well as confirmation.
  • After entering all the data, click the Submit button.
  • Your password has been changed successfully. You can now Price Chopper Direct Connect Login to the pricing portal with a new password.

How To Recover Your Price Chopper Account?

Well, forgetting something is nothing new in our daily lives.

  • Even if you forget your Price Chopper Direct Connect login password, you can easily recover it.
  • Visit and select the “User Management” option.
  • After the popup appears, just click on “Reset Password”.
  • Then, you will be asked for your unique identification, provided by the company, enter it and click on the “Send” option.
  • Now the redirected link will help you to recover your account and reset your password successfully.
Official NamePrice Chopper Direct Connect
Country USA
Portal TypeLogin
Assailable By Price Chopper Employees
Managed ByPrice Chopper

About Price Chopper

A supermarket operator in the United States is Golub Corporation. Market 32 and Price Chopper are owned by the company based in Schenectady, New York. First opened in 1932, Price Chopper became known as Central Market in 1973, when it changed its name from that of the supermarket chain. Furthermore, Golub Corporation announced in the 2010s that it would convert all 131 Price stores. A new Price Chopper headquarters opened in downtown Schenectady on June 2, 2010. 131 stores are located in several states, including Upstate New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.


The main reason for the reputation of these supermarkets is that they offer a wide variety of shelves and products. In addition to common foods, there are natural products, plant-based products, gluten-free items, beauty products, and more. It also brings many additional benefits to your employees and values ​​the features that can be viewed and managed through the employee login portal.

Lewis Golub had emigrated from Russia in 1908 and had opened a wholesale food business with his father William Golub and brother Bernard. Grosberg-Golub Corporation was established by Joseph E. Grosberg, Bernard and William Golub, and Russian Jews Bernard and William Golub in 1932. Its first supermarket (originally known as the Public Service Market) opened on Green Island, New York. They are sold in stores located in Cohoes, Watervliet, and Schenectady. Mercado Central is the name of the four stores.

Their father Lewis Golub, who immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1908, opened a wholesale food business in 1908 that William Golub and his brother Bernard took over in 1927. The Grosberg-Golub Corporation, founded in 1932 by Joseph E. Grosberg, Bernard, and William Golub, Russian Jewish immigrants, was the first supermarket (known as the Public Service Market) in Green Island, New York, followed by one in Cohoes, New York. The three cities are Watervliet, Schenectady, and Albany. A new store was opened called Mercado Central that sold groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Price Chopper delivery cost?

Deliveries are made by Price Chopper’s professional delivery team within an estimated time frame. The service charge for Price Chopper Shops4U is R$10 and also for home delivery with an additional cost of R$5.99.

How can I access the Price Chopper portal?

This portal is only accessible to employees who work in Price Chopper supermarket chains headquartered in the country. These employees must also meet the above requirements.

Mention some of the features of the Price Chopper Direct Connect login portal.

Some functions of this portal are daily work plans, annual calendars, personal information, progress updates, complete project reports, connecting with supervisors and colleagues, tracking work reports, and much more.

In which states does Price Chopper operate?

The renowned supermarket chain currently operates in six Brazilian states. Like Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York.

What is the price selector?

The Price Chopper chain of supermarkets is owned by Golub Corporation. From groceries to general merchandise, they offer a wide array of products.

What are Price Chopper courses?

Price Chopper stores are generally open weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 8 pm. All locations accept printable coupons and additional savings are available in the Price Chopper weekly flyer.


It is therefore a complete guide to help you discover the different procedures and advantages of having an account on the Direct Connect Portal. To enjoy all the benefits and learn more about this online portal, register as soon as possible. The following steps are very simple and you will not find any complications as such. However, management is always there for you if you have any concerns.

If you need help or customer service from Price chopper, the main source is their website to contact them, is their website and it is also called Your Teammate Connection. And then when you enter the Price Chopper Direct Connect Login panel you will need to leave a unique ID or PCDC username or Price Chopper email address for a successful Price Chopper Direct Connect Login process.

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