Price Chopper Direct Connect, is a dedicated employee portal designed and developed for employees working at Price Chopper supermarkets. Price Chopper opened in 1932 and was known as Mercado Central in 1973, when it changed the name of the supermarket chain. Additionally, Golub Corporation announced in the 2010s that it would convert the 131 price stores. On June 2, 2010, a new Price Chopper headquarters opened in downtown Schenectady. There are 131 stores in various states, including New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.


A supermarket operator in the United States is Golub Corporation. Market 32 ​​and Price Chopper are owned by Schenectady, New York. The product includes bakery, dairy products, cold cuts, frozen foods, flowers, foods in general, meats, pharmacy, sushi, vegetables, seafood, sandwiches, and liqueurs. Upstate New York, New England, and Pennsylvania are served by 131 of its stores. Employees can log into Direct Connect Price Chopper with their Employee ID and password and have access to a number of features.

 The web portal provides all employees in the United States with access to various features and functions. How to review daily work schedules, request paid time off, submit vacation requests, and track vacation request progress.


Above all, keep track of past and current work reports, current project progress, update your profile, and above all, interact with your colleagues and superiors. In other words, employees can share their project progress and information with their superiors and colleagues. The company that operates this web portal is currently in the process of rebranding under the name Market 32. Subsequently, the web addresses of the web portal will change.

Price Chopper has 3 other supermarkets working under Price Chopper. First, the employees of Mercado 32. Second, the employees of Market Bistro Banners. Third, the employees of Golub Corporation. Those who work in these three companies can easily access this portal. Therefore, Price Chopper wants to get in touch with the employees of this employee portal.